Top Things That Hinder Business Growth


The success of a business does not always depend on the quality of products and services it offers. I have been able to run pressure washing business with the most limited resources and still managed to scale it to greater heights. Today’s world is defined by social media, branding and networking. There is always a perception that if a company grows fast, it means everything is going right. The ultimate goal of any company is to achieve continuous growth, but that does not always happen easily. There are a lot of things that must play right.

Here are top things that hinder the growth of most businesses.

No Business Plan

If you have a company, you need a vision to start from. If it is a company that has been around for some time, they need to refresh the business vision from time to time. To achieve growth, it means a company is experiencing increased staffing, production, marketing and other tasks related to expansion. When you start a business and ignore the importance of a business plan, it means you are bound to suffer long time, because you will be lacking a road map to guide you along the way.

Poor Marketing and Advertising

A well though marketing and advertising strategy can be a killer for business growth. If you have a business out there, you need your products and services to be communicated to existing customers as well as future customers. You might have some clients already, but for you to grow, you must aim at conquering new markets as well. Marketing is all round and involves activities such as product development, research and analysis of the market, targeting, customer profiling, pricing strategies among others. You need to get all these things in order.

Poor Cash Flow Management


Cash flow problems are one of the top reasons why most businesses fail. During the growth period, a company must spend money to make money. In most cases, you find this money is normally overspend, misappropriated because of the different processes that need to be solved or you find that money is not even available in first instance. During those times, cash needs to be properly managed. Channels must be producing consistent sales to compensate for money out.

Product line stagnation

Product line stagnation may occur due to various reasons. First, companies that offer certain products may find themselves at the center of intense competition from a rival company and find their products losing the market. Selling the same product and offering the same services might find a client already tired and bored of such services or products, and this may lead to stagnation in sales. If a company finds itself at the center of a stagnated product, all it has to do is to tap into new markets and offer better and exciting products that the market will accept. Another key reason why businesses fail is lack of insurance. Due to businesses uncertainties, a disaster might occur and for a business to survive, insurance becomes very important.

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