Steps to Getting a Doctorate Degree

InterestThere are many ways to get a doctorate but qualifications differ from one institution to another and the chosen profession. Before enrolling for the degree, ask yourself whether you require it in your career path or going for another Ph.D. will be more appropriate. It is also important to talk to superiors in your profession, higher education institutes and mentors to ascertain you are on the right path.  If possible discuss your intentions, concerns and also get clarifications from a career advisor. Here are the steps you should take.

What are your interests?

Your interests include your future career path and current research interests. You will have to develop and complete research on a topic of your choice. This may consist of a recently developed theory or a practical application of a research subject of your choice. Have clearly established intentions and subject before starting the process. If possible, think about the dissertation proposal beforehand.


Check out the Institutions

As you will find out, institutions have varied requirements and costs. Check out a few then make a comparison. Go for the ones that meet your budget. Important also is to stick to institutes that you are sure to meet their requirements. For instance, some institutions will request that you finish an undergraduate degree then a master’s degree before applying for the doctorate in their institute. Are you ready for this? If not, check other available options.

Also, do you want to access the distant learning programs or want to stay close to the institute? Is this arrangement allowed by the education center of your choice? It’s crucial that you go through the requirements keenly so that on the application day, you will have everything set and ready.

Understand the Fee Structure

FeesCheck the sponsorship options available at your university of choice. How much will the degree cost? How do you intend to make the payments? Are their special plans you can enroll for? In some institutions, you can request to work as a researcher and have some or all of the fees exempted. Check out the available options.

Get to know the Committee meeting dates

This is important because your application will be considered then. Your application should be ready and delivered to the institution before the committee meeting date or by the date specified by the administration. You should give the application process ample time to avoid mistakes or incomplete submissions.

Get a Supervisor

When all the admission requirements have been met, the institution may require that you get a supervisor to agree to check or approve all your work especially the dissertation proposal. This can be a junior or senior professor at the center.

It will take about eight years to get a doctorate from the time you enroll for a bachelor degree assuming that you will not take breaks. Some people prefer taking one degree at a time, go for a break then get a higher one. If you choose this path, it may take longer to achieve the doctorate.

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